What Child is This? What Hope is This? with Rev Geo 11/27/22

What Child is This? What Hope is This? with Rev Geo

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1st Sunday of Advent— November 27, 2022


Advent is a time-honored Christian tradition spanning centuries. The original ideas and attitudes that generated Advent are based in the hope of brighter times. Advent is an annual commemoration centered around the eventual return of the light of the Sun, and of course, the birth of Jesus. The bright light and example of our Master Teacher calls to each of us to follow his example. The renewal and the return of the Sun invites every one of us to remain hopeful, and anticipate with expectancy days of greater light, and greater radiance.

After a couple of years of unexpected isolation and seeming darkness the traditions we observe in 2022, might be closer to the intimacy and closeness of our earlier years in life. In this season of faith, we can expect more light through the day, and we can expect to embody the Christ-light. Join us for Sunday celebration to explore what child is this, and what hope might we live toward in our lives?