The Way of Transformation Book Study

The Way of Transformation
The Second Volume in the Way of Mastery
The profoundly rich lessons of The Way of Mastery were given by Jeshua ben Joseph during the years 1995-1997.
The deep spiritual insight, knowledge, and lovingkindness contained in this volume guides and inspires you to live a life of Unconditional Love! 
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The Way of Transformation is the second in the 3-volume work of the Way of Mastery. The Way of Transformation is a collection of Jeshua’s teachings transcribed from the original audio recordings. Jeshua shares: “The Way of Transformation... is that pathway that begins with a commitment to healing and awakening and is founded on the premise that you are perfectly free at all times. And everything that is experienced has been by your choice. And at no time has there been any other cause.” 
Join us for a channeled work founded on the premise that you are perfectly free at all times. Jeshua’s teachings is an invitation to wake up from every illusion that we have ever been separate from God, and to remember the deepest Truth of who we are: Christ.
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