Unity Principle #2

May 30 — Beholding Christ in All Creation

“Divinity is within all humankind, and every individual has sacred worth. Jesus is the great example, not the great exception. The Christ essence lives in all people.”


The same Presence and Power that persists in all the universe, persists in the life of everyone. The creation stories of Genesis refer to the good and the original blessing that we are all born to be. “I behold the Christ in you” is a common greeting in Unity churches, and spanning time and culture, “Namasté” expresses the same sentiment. In Hawaii, when we greet one another with “Aloha,” and affirm the flow of breath, it likewise claims the flow and movement of the Christ-essence. In life, we may observe that the Christ energy is concealed in some, in the same way that a cloud occludes a mountain. The Christ energy remains forever present. Bodies and personalities may come and go, but the One Presence and One Power lives forever in all people.

This Sunday, we’ll continue our series on the 5 basic Unity principles, and we’ll explore how these principles are central to the teachings of Jesus, and essential to gaining insight into our lives. A principle is a constant, (like the speed of light) or a standard, (like gold) or a law (like gravity). Join us this Sunday, and reveal how to use these principles as a basis for purpose beyond perception.


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