Tranquil Tuesday Meditation Practice

Tranquil Tuesday Meditation Practice

In the Sanctuary at 6:00pm With Rene Protacio (Light Worker, Student of Master Sha)


Meditation is a mental state where you become aware of yourself through the quietness of the mind. One could consider meditation as an exercise, yet it is not religion-based. We respect all and make no distinction on any religion.


Meditation is a consciousness-altering activity linked to various psychological benefits and has been proven to help people with PTSD, stress, depression, and anxiety, concentration, memory improvement, pain relief, and more. Introduced as a practice in schools throughout the world, meditation has been proven to improve learning and behavior.


There are different types of meditation, however, Master René will introduce the ones that he has personally used and found effective on different life challenges – Guided, silent, and movement meditations. There will be the incorporation of music, chants (focused on positivity), and calligraphy.


Sequence of events:

  1. Introduction of the Meditation Leader
  2. Brief discussion on the type of meditation to be used on that day.
  3. 15 – 20 minutes of meditation
  4. Feedback