Third Basic Unity Principle

 Principle 3 —What We Think About We Bring About 

“We create our lives through thinking, feeling and being. What we think about we bring about.”


The Law of Attraction has sometimes been portrayed as a principle that empowers us to acquire more “stuff.” We live in a culture that fallaciously conveys that happiness is directly proportional to how much and how many things we obtain. Beneath, beyond, and behind this error thought is the power of manifestation, which every person on the planet has always possessed. The Law of Attraction always works, and it actually empowers us to gain experience for spiritual growth, rather than gaining more things. Thoughts are things, and manifestation is a spiritual principle that operates in life. The 3rd Basic Unity principle exemplifies and explains how every person has innate ability to materialize all things, both physical and spiritual.

We continue in the series on our 5 Basic Unity principles, gaining insight into our lives. All principle are constants, or standards, or laws. Join us how to examine the use of these principles for purpose beyond perception.


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