Sunday Celebration Service

Sunday Celebration Service - April 19

10:00am at Unity Windward Facebook Live
Available for replay at Unity Windward youtube channel

Special Guest Speaker, Susan Choy, LUTC

Aligning to Wisdom, Opening to Joy
Spiritual Message wtih Susan Choy, LUTC
Join Su Choy, LUTC and certified Yoga/Meditation teacher, as she guides us into a deeper understanding of the high, pure energy of Wisdom. By examining the blocks to Wisdom and seeing clearly what Wisdom is not, we will gain insight into what it is. We will also explore reasons for making the pursuit of wisdom a priority in our spiritual practice, along with special tools for accessing it fully. To align with Wisdom, we must first empty ourselves in order to accept the fullness of our inheritance, which is ours by Divine Right.
                         Guest Musician, Kapy Copp
When we resume meeting in person, you will find us at:
46-005 Kawa Street, Suite 303
Kaneohe Atrium Building
Kaneohe, HI 96744
808 262-6731 / 

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Event Date: 
10:00am to 11:15am