Seeing with the Eye of Faith

January17, 2021 —Seeing with the Eye of Faith


Unity is a spiritual movement founded and grounded in prayer. With the capacity of faith, we use affirmative prayer to see the presence of God in life, right here and right now. Through a declaration and alignment with God within, we envision God’s ever-present good and see beyond limitation. We do not beseech God in a prayer of pleading, but we are audacious enough to anticipate harmony, abundance, and order in life. Affirmative prayer is boldly outrageous, claiming that the good in life is already present. On Sunday, January 17, we will lift our eye of faith, raise consciousness, and see the transforming power of God in all of life. We invite you to raise your One eye of Faith.



Spiritual Message with Rev Geo                            Special Music with Kapu Copp