The Seed & the Stone

January24, 2021 —The Seed & the Stone with Rev Geo


A parable is a short story based on what was common and familiar in life. Yet, a parable communicates a higher story of Truth; it’s a symbolic story meant to convey a deeper spiritual meaning. These stories told by Jesus were often confusing and mysterious, and they directed many to a depth of mysticism applicable for many centuries, and also to our lives today. An oft repeated subject in the parables of Jesus was what the Kingdom of Heaven was like. In Unity we recognize that Heaven is a state of consciousness or a condition of mind. Heaven is here and now. Jesus declares in the Gospel of Luke, that the Kingdom Heaven is within us, and thereby gives it specific location. (Luke 17:21) This Sunday we’ll consider some of the growth opportunities activated in the here and now with the parable of the sower.  


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