Saturday Brunch & Book Study

Saturday Brunch & Book Study: The 10 Commandments Every Saturday, 9:00—10:30am HST


Join us for Saturday Spiritual Brunch & Book Study for The 10 Commandments


Using the wisdom of New Thought, we’ll consider wisdom of 2 classic New Thought authors (with Eric Butterworth’s Breaking the Ten Commandments: Discover the Deeper Meaning, and Emmet Fox’s The Ten Commandments, The Master Key to Life ) These 2 New Thought authors will give us a new perspective on an old way of viewing the world. 


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To purchase the book Breaking the 10 Commandments: Discover the Deeper Meaning — Eric Butterworth: 

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To purchase the book The 10 Commandments: The Master Key to Life — Emmet Fox:

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There are many who claim the 10 Commandments as the foundation of American and Western law. Even a casual view explains how and why these constraints are the basis of our culture’s legal system. These 10 edicts are a list of “Thou shall not’s.” However, in New Thought, we can gain deeper understanding and practical application of these well known laws as descriptions of balance and immutable truth, rather than mere and simple morality codes. The law of expansion and the law of attraction are well known foundational principles to describe how the universe works. We’ll explore writings on the 10 Commandments by New Thought pioneers Eric Butterworth, and Emmet Fox to awaken to your part and your place in the 10 Commandments as laws of love that are fulfilled by the Christ.