Saturday Brunch & Book Study

Saturday Brunch & Book Study (with Eric Butterworth’s The Universe is Calling) Every Saturday, 9:00—10:30am

Join Zoom Meeting, Every Saturday, 9:00—10:30am

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Meeting ID: 874 3133 6433 Passcode: 316939

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Join with us on Zoom for “Saturday Brunch & Book Study” as we gather together for the spiritual feast that is The Universe is Calling by Eric Butterworth. We’ll taste and savor an open buffet of non-theological, non-ritualistic approaches to the practice of prayer. We’ll dig into, regard, and partake of such delectable delicacies as guidance, wholeness, and consciousness. Butterworth explains, and you will experience that the call of the Universe is a call to ”release your imprisoned splendor.” This spiritually liberating classic is a truly satisfying banquet of connection with the divine, and an action for you of a life of prayer. 



Event Date: 
9:00am to 10:30am