May 12, 2024 Lead me to Light Service on Zoom

Summoning Shakti:

Healing the Collective through Reconnection with the Sacred Feminine

A Sermonette by Reverend Su Choy, May 12, 2024

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As we are moving through times of great upheaval, generated in part by accelerated change in a world impacted by new technologies, many of us feel a strong need to slow down and reestablish balance in our lives. To do so, we need to reclaim the spiritual gifts of the Sacred Feminine. This entails a conscious willingness to summon the feminine energy known as Shakti, and to call upon the qualities of the intuitive healer, the nurturing mother, and the protective warrior. Join Rev. Su Choy as she leads us in a compelling investigation of the most predominant feminine archetypes throughout history, sharing ways they can teach us how to cultivate greater power, creativity and connectedness in order to heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet.


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