Living Word, Living Water

2021.3.21 Living Word, Living Water 

Embodying the Flow of Life through Living Words from the Cross

“I Thirst.” —John 19:28


Continuing to examine the lessons of release and renewal of the Lenten season, this Sunday we’ll discover the deeper meaning of another of the sayings of Jesus from the Cross, “I thirst.” Easter is a time to live a life of joy and celebration. Just as Jesus did, we can awaken and resurrect to a life force of God flowing through us, moving us to a more abundant life. Living Water that all of us thirst for is the wellspring of Spirit. We quench that thirst through connecting to a passion for life. We can realize that all that we need is supplied in every way, when we allow the flow of living water into our lives. Let’s discover a life filled and overflowing with ease and grace. Our challenge that we can face together is to no longer overly focus on the material, and instead live in, through, and as the resurrected Christ. 


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