Let Go of the Physical, Live the Spiritual|Let Go, Let God

Let Go, Let God|Let Go of the Physical, Live the Spiritual

Easter Sunday

March 31, 2024 with Rev Geo

7am Kalama Beach Park Click HERE for a map

10am in the Sanctuary Click HERE for a map


According to the accounts of his life, Jesus let go of the physical when the crucifixion took place. The Christ mystery of resurrection has been an expansive Truth throughout the history of humanity. His example of eternal life has been a model for each of us to follow, and our brother, Jesus shows us how to live. 


Easter is a celebration of the proof that death is not real, and also the crux of the Christ mystery which surrenders limitation and lack in order to triumph over the illusions of physicality. 


Join us for either or both of 2 services on Sunday, March 31 at Kalama Beach Park at 7am, and also in the Sanctuary at 10am at the Kaneohe Atrium.