Let Go… & Deny the Power with June Dillinger, LUT

Let Go… & Deny the Power 

with June Dillinger, LUT, March 19, 2023


Through patterns and repetition, many of us might be stuck in old ways of thinking which hold power over us. Today, will you decide to see yourself as “only human”? Or will you be willing today, to summon the faith, and affirmatively express your divine identity? As divine beings in a human experience, we may not realize, nor recognize that we’re stuck in an old story that has power over us. When anyone is ready to deny the power of his old stories of lack and limitation, he makes a step in the right direction, and thereby lets go of the “terrible too’s.” Are you too old, too loud, too heavy, too ashamed, or too sick to believe that life can change? Based on old ideas of who we are in the world we fall short of our true nature, and instead, we can audaciously declare that we have immense creative power and that we are meant to follow a greater pattern of joy, love, peace, and wonder. Join us for another Lenten Season Sunday, and celebrate your in-born God power, as we let go and deny the appearances.