Heart Card Session with June Dillinger

HEART CARD SESSION with June Dillinger, LUT, Friday, August 12 at 6:30pm

Up close for you! The Heart Card deck is a powerful, entertaining and insightful tool for self-transformation. It can be used as guide, teacher, and connection companion. Come join in for a “Heart Card” session, with June Dillinger, LUT hosting.

Your $30 covers one deck of cards per person & a corresponding notebook for a 1-hour experience of self-love. On July 28 at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary at Unity Windward, the one hour will consist of 3 Acts. Turn a New Leaf, Palace of Wonderful Thoughts, and 1+1=3 ~each act serving as an up-level to the next, inviting you to see the path of your heart through mindful questions that offer insight to your expose your true heart's desire.

June is a co-creator of the Heart Card deck with JR Coleman. She is the author of “The Benefit of the Ex”, Making Love Visible When Everything Changes and entrepreneur owning “I Do Hawaiian Weddings,” destination micro wedding business. It’s all about love for June!

*IF YOU HAVE A DECK already, please come and join in. LIMITED SPACE 18 guests only.