Faith & Hope in Presence 1st Sunday of Advent

1st Sunday of Advent— November 28, 2021

Faith & Hope in Presence

Advent is a time-honored tradition persisting throughout many centuries of Christianity. Beyond traditions and throughout the whole world, an end to the shortening of the day’s light is commemorated. Many of us celebrate the return of the Sun. A tenacious faith has held up the traditions of Christmas throughout the past 2 years. Although, a significant shift took place for many of us during these times, we could still count on the return of the light. Our traditions may be a little closer to normal this year, and new ones may be flowing forth. Yet, the past couple of years of recent history has given us reason to restore our faith in the Sprit of Christmas. Filled with anticipation, we’ll keep faith in God’s eternal goodness. In this time of hope and faith, we can expect and anticipate more light through the day, as we embody the Presence of Christ-light for us all. Join us this Sunday with faith and hope in the Presence.