The Exquisite Gifts of God in You

The Exquisite Gifts of God in You

Saturdays, August 12—September 23, 2023

11am–12:30pm No Gathering on 9/9

Live in-person in the Unity Windward Sanctuary

With Su Choy, LUT & Rev Geo Downer


“God expects but one thing of you, and that is that you should come out of yourself in so far as you are a created being made and let God be God in you.” —Meister Eckhart


What could be more exciting than to unwrap and uncover your own untapped gifts that are awaiting their expression? Engage in unique activities to demonstrate your many-layered, multitudinous and eternally-evolving spiritual gifts. Stimulate their unfolding according to your own unique divine plan.


Most everyone agrees that we are facing times of unprecedented change and accompanying turbulence. Such times are urgently calling for us to do our part, to serve as stewards for the creation of new world of peace, harmony and aloha. How do we best answer this call to service?


Discern your spiritual gifts, and discover their most effective and fulfilling expression. Though you may claim that you have already identified your spiritual gifts, this 7-week interactive journey of discovery teaches you otherwise. 


Through interactive practices of creative prayer, affirmation, lectio divina, art, music, and guided visualization, you will birth a clear vision of the exquisite gifts of God in you. You are now a bright, shiny instrument of the Divine, which you may have never imagined. Together with other like-minded passionate seekers, answer your calling and find creative solutions to the changes already unfolding in your life.