The Effortless Path of Devotion with Su Choy

The Effortless Path of Devotion

with Su Choy

Each of us has been endowed with a divine creative impulse, a powerful desire to produce something meaningful, valuable and beneficent. In fact, this pure, God-given impulse to create is the same as God’s, and thus includes free will. The choice of what we want to create is ours. But with choice comes accountability, and choosing blindly according to our worldly conditioning rather than our often misunderstood spiritual well-being may create division, confusion and dejection.

To ensure we carry out our true creative purpose, then, we must first confront and then discard any false notions or images regarding our true identity, which is not material but spiritual. This process entails renouncing all illusions about what we believe we want to accomplish in this world, and why we want to accomplish it. As long as we do not question our thought processes around our goals, we run the risk of proceeding down an unfulfilling path, one not meant for us at all. Focusing on result rather than process, and image rather than content, we may unknowingly take on the world’s consumer mentality, which teaches us to treat people as objects to further our ambition.  In contrast, when we learn that as spiritual beings our goals, too, can only be spiritual, we learn that there is really nothing to seek in the material world. Surrendered to pure devotion rather than motivated by outward gain, we are lovingly and effortlessly guided along our divinely appointed path.