Burning Bowl : Release, Renewal, Regeneration

Burning Bowl 

Release, Renewal, Regeneration

Sunday, January 29, 2023 with Rev Geo


The Burning Bowl Ritual is one of the unusual sacraments used in New Thought. A burning bowl releases error, and offers an outward, tangible way to clear away limitation in life. Letting go of the belief that we are ‘only human’ is a sacred and powerful use of the burning bowl. This ritual offers a pathway for negating negativity. The Christ nature, present in us all resurrects, and regenerates into renewal and transformation in the New Year, and in a conscious commitment to a new life. Join us for the last Sunday in January for our very own Unity Windward Burning Bowl Ceremony integrating the use of Kadomatsu and New Life. When we burn away what desires to transform within us, we allow room in our lives for new experiences, opportunities, and unlimited possibilities.