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Discovering Fire by Roger Wolsey

Online Spiritual Brunch & Book Study

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A sincere and heartfelt desire for a return to primitive Christianity has become a postmodern movement that has gained traction through the Progressive Christian man of action and author, Roger Wolsey. Progressive Christianity is a name given to spiritual adherents reclaiming the radical message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Progressive Christianity, like primitive Christianity, is not a single thought system, but instead a description of numerous practices with the intention to follow Jesus. In the core of the history of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd centuries Christians first ignited the warmth of a cross-cultural revolutionary movement that began to slowly blaze. These were communities based on inclusion and a commitment to love all of God’s creation. Christianity offered the Kingdom of God, rather than the Roman Empire, thereby dismantling and eroding the Empire. A few of the practices of these early Christians can be considered and reviewed in Roger Wolsey’s book, Discovering Fire. The ancient adherents of Christianity were moved by experiential and transformational processes which you can read about in Roger Wolsey’s book. He is one of the significant voices of a postmodern, multi-faceted movement that focuses on the core, historical message of primitive Christianity, which changed our world and persists to spark and ignite the transformation of many lives


Much of what is popularly known as Christianity receives a good bit of negative press. Contemporary Christianity has been denounced as lacking integrity, as well as having a mean-spirited, exclusivist nature. There are those who describe this phenomenon as ‘Churchianity.’ These attributes have often resulted in some people who decide to no longer identify themselves as Christian. Large swaths of people no longer attend church, yet they seek ways to practice the spirituality of Christ, rather than merely profess a religion. Discovering Fire examines and explores some of the practices of the first centuries communities of Christ, and may very well be a handbook of those who desire a more authentic, practical faith. Discovering Fire might be the bridge between primitive Christianity, and a newly fresh-born Christianity of today.  

Meeting ID: 874 3133 6433

Passcode: 316939…

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