A Course in Miracles

Starting Wednesday, February 19
Read a lesson, a section from the text. Focus on application. Choose Peace. Practice Inner Listening. Meditate. Pray.
w/ Reverend Sylvia Joy OMC
Reverend Sylvia Joy OMC, is a Spiritual Counselor and non-denominational Minister ordained by Pathways of Light Spiritual College. Author of several Guided Meditations that help people access Inner Guidance and transform their lives for the better. Sylvia is a featured teacher on Tapping the Source - the documentary. Sylvia grew up in Colombia, South America immersed in different cultures and languages, as well as different Spiritual practices: Spanish, French and English, and a combination of Meditation, Telepathy, Prayer, lots of avid reading and exploration of different religions and singing at the traditional Catholic church.
Love Offering
Event Date: 
3:00pm to 4:30pm